May 15, 2019


💔It hurts my heart when I talk to women and they share their own lack of self worth or confidence to change their circumstance and they share with me all the reasons they come up with NOT to do it.

👀 Can you see how this girl on the left felt ALL of the same things?

🖐She lacked an insane amount of self confidence, wasn’t self motivated, was insanely busy working a full time job at 2 middle school locations, had  experience in sales, didn’t have many friends on social media, only  wore foundation and mascara, was scared of failing, living paycheck to paycheck with no savings for retirement and had no money to get started just 5 short years ago!


I know it’s easy to look at where I am at NOW and easy to forget where I started from and the journey it took to get here. When I say I KNOW how you feel when you tell me you wouldn’t be good at this, I truly do understand. But when I say I KNOW you’d rock it because I see the potential in you that you don’t, I truly do mean it. ✨💜


The lights on the highway will never all be green at the same time, you just have to make the decision to say YES for yourself and become the woman you dream of being!! #liveoutloud

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Kelly Statema

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